Learn about the effectiveness of tumor-targeted T cell immunotherapy from our patients.

Integrative treatment for lymphoma with cytokine-induced killer cells cancer immunotherapy

Before and after the treatment of CIK cancer immunotherapy, this patient periodically receives the superficial lymph nodes and abdominal ultrasound, MRI and CT scan on abdominal cavity and PET/CT scan on fully body. Read more

How an 80 years old man survived from stomach cancer?

Mr. He is an 80 years old man, seeing his great grandson is one of his several wishes at his late age. But the recurrence and metastasis of the stomach cancer make this wish seem so far away.

In May 2007, Mr. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer, but it was fortunate that it did not metastasize, surgery would be the first treatment option. Although at the age of 75, Mr. He’s overall health condition was well except having stomach cancer, he chose to receive surgery followed with four rounds of chemotherapy. Read more

Solid metastasis shrank after cancer immunotherapy

72 years old Ms. Lou was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, she received cell based immunotherapy for lung cancer and we noticed that the tumor marker value decreased, metastasis shrank and liquid in right pleural disappeared. Read more

Lung cancer metastasis disappeared treatment with dendritic cells and T cells

Mr Zhu, 58 years old Chinese patient with diagnosis of colon cancer. He received sigmoidectomy in November 2007, and 4 courses of treatment with Eloxatin and Xeloda post operation. Recurrence was observed with enteroscope in February 2008. Read more

Lymphoma treatment with iAPA cancer immunotherapy

A 48 years old female Chinese patient was diagnosed with lymphoma.

After receiving treatment with DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy (dendritic cell and T cell), the PET/CT scan showed that the metabolic activity of the lymph nodes on supraclavicular, mediastinal and pulmonary hilum were significantly reduced. Read more

Short-term curative efficacy of cytokine-induced killer cells on hepatocellular carcinoma

Here is an abstract of a study published in Chinese Journal of Cancer in 2006. It came up with the conclusion that immunotherapy (Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells, CIK) play an important role in controlling the cancer cells, the rate of tumor recurrence was reduced.  Read more

The dynamic change of lymphocyte immune function before and after CIK therapy

Two weeks after the immunotherapy with cytokine-induced killer cells (CIK), the comparison value of CD3+, CD4+T cells, NK (Natural Killer) cells and CD4+/CD8+ significantly increased compare with the pre-treatment status, and the value continues to increase with the time being, 2 – 4 weeks after the cancer immunotherapy, this value reached its peak point, after this point, the level of the patient’s immune response declines. 8 weeks after the CIK immunotherapy, the value of CD3+, CD4+T cells, NK cells and CD4+/CD8+ in the peripheral blood declined to a lower level, but the value maintains higher than the control group.

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