Solid metastasis shrank after cancer immunotherapy

72 years old Ms. Lou was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, she received cell based immunotherapy for lung cancer and we noticed that the tumor marker value decreased, metastasis shrank and liquid in right pleural disappeared. Read more

Lung cancer metastasis disappeared treatment with dendritic cells and T cells

Mr Zhu, 58 years old Chinese patient with diagnosis of colon cancer. He received sigmoidectomy in November 2007, and 4 courses of treatment with Eloxatin and Xeloda post operation. Recurrence was observed with enteroscope in February 2008. Read more

Lymph nodes shrank after immunotherapy with dendritic cell and T cell

Mr. Huang from China, a 56 years old lung cancer patient received treatment with dendritic cell and cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL, T cell) immunotherapy and gained improvement. Read more

Hope for a young man with lung cancer

Xiao Jian is a 25 years old young man from an ordinary family in Anhui province. In the summer of 2012, symptoms like coughing, fever, chest discomfort or breathing difficulties occasionally happened to him. Xiao Jiang thought they were caused by catching a cold until one day he was hard to breathe after playing a short while in a basketball game. He tried several times, but he could never play for over an hour, which was so easy for him in the past. What was wrong with Xiao Jian? Read more

DC-CTL immunotherapy removed metastasis for a lung cancer patient

Mr. Zhu is a 42 years old gentleman from China. He was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastasis to lymph nodes. Read more