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T Cell Therapy for Cancer and HPV Treatment

Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is the treatment that uses patient’s own immune cells to fight against cancer.

Treatment Efficacy

Learn about the treatment efficacy of the immunotherapy for different types of cancer.

HPV Treatment

The only possible cure of HPV infection, keeps you away from cervical cancer.

T Cell Immunotherapy Helps You Fight Against Cancer

Welcome to, a web site dedicated to providing the latest update on cancer treatment with immunotherapy in China. Currently there are many activities carry on both in laboratories and in hospitals revolving around dendritic cells and T cells throughout China, but the news is not getting out to the rest of the world. Our mission is to share this information, and to increase communication between researchers, doctors and patients in China and the rest of the world. For detailed information about cell based immunotherapy for your specific condition, you can find information from here or from the FAQ section, or you can contact us to get more details.

Features of Cancer Immunotherapy

  • Effective on various types of cancer
  • Tumor-targeted therapy
  • Safety therapy with fewer and milder adverse reactions
  • Reversal of drug resistance
  • Immunity enhancement
  • Life span prolongation
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T Cell Immunotherapy Helps You Fight Against Cancer

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