Vaccine shows promising results for early-stage breast cancer patients

Deregulation and inhibition of the immune system contributes to cancer development. Many therapeutic strategies aim to re-stimulate the immune system to recognize cancer cells and target them for destruction. Researchers from Moffitt Cancer Center report that a dendritic cell vaccine that targets the HER2 protein on breast cancer cells is safe and effectively stimulates the immune system leading to regression of early-stage breast cancer.

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Cellular immunotherapy targets a common human cancer mutation

In a study of an immune therapy for colorectal cancer that involved a single patient, a team of researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) identified a method for targeting the cancer-causing protein produced by a mutant form of the KRAS gene.

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Immunotherapy fights cancer better with both arms of the immune system, say researchers

Immunotherapy – the enlisting of the immune system to fight cancer – is an exciting new field that has already led to early trials of new treatments. However, these often fail because promising results seen in petri dishes are not translating into successful attacks on real tumors. Read more

Clinical Cancer Advances 2015: Annual Report on Progress Against Cancer From the American Society of Clinical Oncology

ASCO released its report, Clinical Cancer Advances 2015: An Annual Report on Progress Against Cancer, today, and for the first time announced its cancer Advance of the Year: gains made in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

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Vitamin D ‘aids the immune system to fight colorectal cancer’

The study, published in Gut, contributes to a growing body of research by identifying an association between vitamin D and how the immune system responds to cancer cells among a large human population sample for the first time.

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Breakthrough in immunotherapy for advanced bladder cancer

The latest study revealed how an antibody drug makes it easier for the immune system to locate and eliminate cancer cells as a breakthrough in treatment for advanced bladder cancer. Read more

Woman’s Own Immune System Helps Fight Cancer

At first, Candace Brown didn’t think too much of the large, lumpy bruise that spontaneously appeared on her leg about a year ago. But when it didn’t heal after a couple of weeks, she decided to get it checked out. Even though her primary care physician told her not to worry, she pushed for a biopsy. The “bruise” was diagnosed as a skin melanoma.

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