Cancer immunotherapy may lead to more opportunities of cancer survival

Comparing with receiving surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy only, treatment results for advanced staged lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and kidney cancer may come up with a better result with the involvement of cancer immune therapy. This cutting edge cancer treatment option may extend cancer patient’s prolonged survival period up to 1 – 3 times, treatment efficacy may be improved 15%.


Immune therapy has been considered as the fourth cancer treatment option following surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, more and more attentions from oncologists worldwide have been drawn to this cutting edge technology for its impressive performance in cancer treatment.

Cancer immune therapy is to use the anti-tumor immune cells existed in human’s body to fight against cancer, these immune cells’ power can be enhanced greatly with medical technology, hence to kill the cancer cells in the body to achieve the goal of elimination of cancer. “This is a war amongst cells in human’s body”, a senior oncologist said.

Immune therapy features with less possibilities of side effects, high level of specificity. According to the research data released in August, 2011, cancer survival period was significantly extended for those who receive combined treatment of traditional methods and immune therapy.

The anti-tumor immune cells exit in human’s body, but these cells are affected by tumor’s suppression, for which they cannot resist the tumor and this leads to uncontrolled growth of tumor cells. With cancer immunotherapy, only small amount of lymphocytes are required to be collected from patient’s body, after induction, activation and cultivation in vitro, these cells will be strong enough with enhanced ability and will be infused back to patient’s body to fight against cancer.

Comparing with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, cancer immunotherapy helps to eliminate the recurrence and metastasis of cancer, causes no damage to human’s normal cells, cancer patients will be able to experience a remarkably improved quality of life.

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