Immunotherapy is an advanced cancer treatment method. Some frequently asked questions by patients are listed below, they may help you have a better idea on having a cancer treatment in another country.

The list will be updated frequently to ensure the most concerned questions and answers are listed. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

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Cancer immunotherapy is the treatment that uses patient’s own immune system to reject or to fight against cancer. It stimulates patient’s immune system, and trains patient’s immune cells to recognize the cancer cells and then destroy them.

Cell based immunotherapy is one of the major entities of cancer immunotherapy. Immune cells such as Dendritic Cells(DC), Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTLs) are either activated in vivo by administering certain cytokines such as Interleukins or they are separated, get enriched and then infused back to patient’s body to fight against cancer.

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Cancer immunotherapy has been considered as the fourth method for cancer treatment, it works differently than surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. With the help of immunotherapy, cancer treatment may end with a greater result.

Cancer immunotherapy is not available in every country, hence many cancer patients have no access to it, which gives China an opportunity to lead this revolution of cancer treatment, and to offer this cutting-edge treatment to cancer patients at an affordable cost.

China has been the pioneer of the biotherapy in clinical treatment, cell based cancer immunotherapy has been practiced in the clinical treatment of cancer for years. It has become a common treatment method in Chinese hospitals. The medical staff working at Immunotherapy China’s partner hospitals are experienced in handling cancer treatment with immunotherapy and monitoring patient’s treatment.

In addition, patients can get the best value for money in terms of the cost of the cancer immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy China’s main partner – Immunoventis Biotechnology Co., Ltd. started working with the Chinese cancer hospitals since 2004 to offer this cutting-edge technology to cancer patients, it has already become one of the leading provider of cancer immunotherapy techniques in China.


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Immunotherapy is the most advanced method for cancer treatment, Immunotherapy China works with the top hospitals and the leading technology provider in China to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the cancer treatment with immunotherapy.

Immunoventis works with universities in the United States on the research and development of the technology, which ensures the technique is always up-to-date.

Apart from these, a smooth treatment process is guaranteed by a team of professionals with experiences in the treatment for international patients.


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Immunotherapy China uses Dendritic Cells (DC), Cytokine Induced Killer cells (CIK), Nature Killer cells (NK) and iAPA technology for cancer treatment.

Dendritic Cells (DCs)

Cytokine-induced Killer cells (CIK)

Cytotoxic T Lyphocytes (CTLs, T-Cell)


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In consideration of patient’s safety, patient with below conditions will not be accepted for treatment:


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There is no perfect treatment, although DC, CIK, NK and iAPA therapies are effective immune therapies. Each type of cells therapy works differently, an appropriate and personalized treatment plan combined with different types of treatment methods will be developed in accordance with patient’s condition after an in-depth review of patient’s medical document by our doctor.


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Every kind of medical procedure has the possibility of potential complications. Patient’s safety is always the primary concern of Immunotherapy China, hence working with the top hospitals in China to minimize the potential risks.

Immunotherapy China’s main partner – Immunogene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed strict regulations and procedures regarding producing or culturing the cells.

Since 2004, Immunogene’s cell based cancer immunotherapy has been safely administered into over 3,200 patients, there was no case reported with serious side effects related to the immunotherapy.

Some slight side effects reported are:


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It is not recommended for patients to receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy while receiving immunotherapy, these treatment may destruct the immune cells in patient’s body and cause immune suppression.

Usually a 7-14 days of break before and after the cancer immunotherapy will be a good idea. Please contact Immunotherapy China for further detail if you plan to receive cancer immunotherapy in China.


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Usually, one treatment course lasts for around 26 days, depends on the treatment plan our doctor recommended in accordance with patient’s condition.

One of the main reasons is that it requires one or two weeks for the cells culture process for different types of cells. This procedure is strictly followed to ensure the quality of the cells, hence the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.


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Cancer immunotherapies provided by Immunotherapy China are cell based immunotherapy. The treatment requires patient’s own blood cells to be cultured in the GMP laboratory to be powerful enough to resist or to fight against cancer. Usually, these cells are injected intravenously (IV).


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Cancer immunotherapy is available for international patients at the following hospitals:

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University


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You may of course let us your preference of the hospital, it will be considered by our medical department alone with your condition, hospitals ability and also the room availability, the final decision is based upon above conditions.


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Some of the doctors Immunotherapy China working with have the experiences of study or working overseas. In addition, there are English speaking patient service coordinators from Immunotherapy China to help you communicate with the medical staff and to be of your assistance with your daily life during the cancer treatment in China.


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DC, CTL, CIK treatment and iAPA technology are safe, patients are rarely required to stay in hospital everyday during the treatment unless doctor believes it is needed, thus patient must stay in hospital after each infusion. It will be annoying to stay in hospital in another country for over a month, our doctor believes that staying in a hotel room nearby the hospital will make your stay easier and comfortable, a better environment also helps with the medical treatment.