Benefits of Cancer Immunotherapy

Tumor-targeted strategies

The features of immunotherapy make it different from the traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Effectiveness on various types of cancer

  • Immunotherapy enhances and trains the immune system to recognize and eliminate tumor cells.
  • Immuntherapy is effective for patients with types of cancer that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Major solid cancers can be initially accepted for our immunotherapy treatment:

Possible long-term remission

Immune system will be trained by immunotherapy to remember cancer cells, and this memory may result in remissions for a long period.

Much reduced side effects

Cancer immunotherapy is designed to enhance the immune system, it targets specific cells and eliminate them without hurting any parts of the body, and it doesn’t cause severe side effects such as hair loss and nausea/vomiting.

Side effects of cancer immunotherapy are usually related to stimulation of the immune system. Minor symptom of inflammation (fever) is the most seen adverse reactions from the immunotherapy. Some patients may also experience excitement or fatigue after the treatment.