Cancer metastatis may be stopped in its tracks with the help of bacterial “communication system”

Cancer, while always dangerous, truly becomes life-threatening when cancer cells begin to spread to different areas throughout the body. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have discovered that a molecule used as a communication system by bacteria can be manipulated to prevent cancer cells from spreading. Senthil Kumar, an assistant research professor and assistant director of the Comparative Oncology and Epigenetics Laboratory at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, says this communication system can be used to “tell” cancer cells how to act, or even to die on command.Continue reading

Could antihistamines help fight cancer?

For those of you that suffer from watery, itchy eyes and runny noses throughout allergy season, antihistamines are likely to be your best friend. But a new study finds the drugs may do more than combat hay fever; they could fight cancer, too.

The research team, including Daniel H. Conrad, PhD, of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Virginia Commonwealth University, recently published their findings in The Journal of Leukocyte Biology.Continue reading

3.5 million new cases of cancer every year in China

CCTV reported that 3.5 million cancer cases are diagnosed every year in China. Cancer is one of the major causes of death for urban and rural residents in China. That’s according to a recently released annual report by the National Cancer Prevention and Control Office.

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3.5 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in the country, and 2.5 million die from the disease, the report says. Only one quarter of Chinese cancer patients go into remission, compared with 65 percent in developed countries. The most prevalent forms of cancer in China are those affecting the lungs, stomach, rectum, liver and esophagus, with lung cancer having the highest mortality rate.

Medical experts say cancer is closely related to people’s lifestyles. And 60 percent of cases could be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle.

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