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Milk plays a role of delivering polyphenols with anti-cancer activity

Polyphenols found in tea manifest anti-cancer effects but their use is limited by poor bioavailability and disagreeable taste. A new study in the Journal of Dairy Science® finds that when epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the major extractable polyphenol in green tea and the most biologically active, when diluted in skim milk

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WHO: 14 million people developed cancer in 2012

According to the latest report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the number of cancer cases will rise to 19.3 million by 2025. Death caused by cancer around the world have risen, and fatality rates are higher in less developed countries.

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New technique to detect brain cancer in 30 minutes

Brain cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer death. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to be diagnosed with current medical technique and skill, however a new technique has been created and the diagnosis of brain cancer takes only 30 minutes.

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Why China being the prior destination for immunotherapy?

China has seen rapid growth in its biotech industry, particularly in the area of CAR T-cell therapy. Many Chinese biotech firms have developed their own CAR T-cell therapies and are actively seeking partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies. As the second-largest country in terms of the number of CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials, China’s research efforts reflect its commitment to advancing this innovative treatment approach.

Moreover, China has implemented various measures to make CAR T-cell therapy more accessible and affordable for patients. These patient-friendly pricing strategies have indeed contributed to making China an attractive destination for international patients for innovative therapies like CAR T-cell therapy. Comparatively, the cost of CAR T-cell therapy in China may be relatively more affordable than in other countries.

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