Lung Cancer

Innovative technologies help you fight cancer and HPV.

Other risks of lung cancer

There are other facts also increase the risks of lung cancer, but the possibilities are far less than smoking. They are Exposure to radon gas Exposure to certain chemicals Air pollution Previous lung disease A family history of lung cancer Past cancer treatment Previous smoking related cancer Lowered immunity

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What causes lung cancer?

In most cases, lung cancer is linked to tobacco exposure. 86% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking, whereas passive smoking (exposure to second hand smoke) causes a further 3% of cases.

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Why China being the prior destination for immunotherapy?

China has seen rapid growth in its biotech industry, particularly in the area of CAR T-cell therapy. Many Chinese biotech firms have developed their own CAR T-cell therapies and are actively seeking partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies. As the second-largest country in terms of the number of CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials, China’s research efforts reflect its commitment to advancing this innovative treatment approach.

Moreover, China has implemented various measures to make CAR T-cell therapy more accessible and affordable for patients. These patient-friendly pricing strategies have indeed contributed to making China an attractive destination for international patients for innovative therapies like CAR T-cell therapy. Comparatively, the cost of CAR T-cell therapy in China may be relatively more affordable than in other countries.

Effective and affordable immunotherapy and CAR T-cell Therapy?

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