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Benefits of chives in cancer prevention

Chives are part of the allium family of vegetables and herbs, which also includes garlic, scallions, onions and leeks. Allium vegetables have been cultivated for centuries for not only their characteristic, pungent flavors but also for their medicinal properties.

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7 illness likely to turn into cancer

The incidence of cancer is becoming more, when people are sick, they are afraid that it is caused by cancer or it will cause cancer. In the millions of types of sickness, below conditions are proved to have connections with cancer.

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Does bracken cause cancer?

Recently, ‘bracken causes cancer‘ has become a hot topic on the online communities. Food safety experts agreed and suggested to eat less bracken, it contains rich ptaquiloside, especially in its leaves. “Traditional dishes do not mean they are safe,” they said.

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Top 10 cancer-causing food

1. GMOs (Genetically-modified organisms). The GMOs and the chemicals used to grow them have been shown to boost the growth of tumor, but GMOs have been in everyone’s life, including in most food derivatives made from conventional corn, soybeans and canola. However, sticking with certified organic, non-GMO and naturally produced

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Avoid risks of liver cancer from 3 cups of coffee everyday

Recent research showed that consumption of coffee reduces the risk from getting cancer by about 40%. Some reports indicate that if drinking three cups of coffee every day, the possibility of avoiding liver cancer may raise up to 50%. This was reported from a research team in Italy, and the

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Why China being the prior destination for immunotherapy?

China has seen rapid growth in its biotech industry, particularly in the area of CAR T-cell therapy. Many Chinese biotech firms have developed their own CAR T-cell therapies and are actively seeking partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies. As the second-largest country in terms of the number of CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials, China’s research efforts reflect its commitment to advancing this innovative treatment approach.

Moreover, China has implemented various measures to make CAR T-cell therapy more accessible and affordable for patients. These patient-friendly pricing strategies have indeed contributed to making China an attractive destination for international patients for innovative therapies like CAR T-cell therapy. Comparatively, the cost of CAR T-cell therapy in China may be relatively more affordable than in other countries.

Effective and affordable immunotherapy and CAR T-cell Therapy?

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