Cancer immunotherapy for a colon cancer patient from UK

Mr. Glenn, 65 years old, from England, he was diagnosed with colon cancer in September, 2009.

He had sigmoidectomy, partial excision on left artery and ureter, but it was such an unfortunate that infiltrating colon cancer with low differentiation was developed after the surgery, and the tumor reoccurred after one year. The imaging test showed that the psoas major was invaded by tumor and it caused further blockage of ureter. Relevant tests indicated that the cancer cells still spread after receiving the chemotherapy. Doctor had to give up the further treatment for Mr. Glenn.

In July 2010, a friend of Mr. Glenn’s found out that the cancer immunotherapy might help him, Mr. Glenn then traveled over to China and started treatment with immunotherapy. After a series of evaluation and analysis, Mr. Glenn’s attending doctor made a personalized integrative treatment plan in accordance with his condition, which included mild chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

By the time when Mr. Glenn was discharged from the hospital, the enlarged lymph nodes around the inguinal area was gone, the lumps in the pelvic cavity necrosed, and he did not feel pain any more. Mr. Glenn was very satisfied with this result.

His condition is still well.

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