Metastasis removed after DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy

Mr. Chu is a 58 years old Chinese male with diagnosis of colon cancer.

In November 2007, at the outer line of sigmoid colon cancer resection, he was given after four cycles of Eloxatin and Xeloda chemotherapy. In February 2008, Mr. Chu prompted to relapse by colonoscopy, with second surgery at a cancer hospital in Shanghai, after surgery revealed no metastasis, the original course of chemotherapy continued for six weeks.

In August 2008, the PET-CT scan showed lung with mediastinal and bilateral hilar lymph node metastasis. From August 2008 to December 2008, patient received 10 courses of irinotecan + leucovorin + fluorouracil in combination with chemotherapy, the treatment results were poor.

Since January 2009, patient was administered to dendritic cells and T cells¬†immune therapy, and lasted for two courses. PET-CT scan showed that the pulmonary metastases disappeared. Peripheral blood cell phenotype showed significantly increased activation of T cells, and regulation of the Treg cells significantly reduced. Currently after immunotherapy patient has no signs of recurrence or metastasis for nearly five months. Mr. Chu’s quality of life was significantly consciously improved.

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