Mr. Bauer, a colon cancer patient from USA

Mr. Bauer is a 60 years old man from the USA. He was diagnosed with colon cancer with metastasis to liver and lung in 2011.

He had surgery and rounds of chemotherapy, however the treatment outcomes were not so good. His weakened condition did not allow him to continue the chemotherapy and the trauma caused by surgery. He searched online and realized that the immunotherapy may be a new choice for him.

Mr. Bauer visited one of our hospitals in early 2012, stayed around 35 days and received treatment with injections of six packets of enhanced dendritic cells and CIK cells.

He never had any adverse reactions towards these cancer immune therapy, and his condition was maintained stable while receiving treatment in the hospital. By the end of his hospitalization, the size of the tumor reduced.

Mr. Bauer spoke highly of the medical team which looked after him. He spent some time around the city, and he enjoyed the Chinese food a lot.

Mr. Bauer’s condition is maintaining well, he is planning on coming back to China to receive another course of treatment.

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