How an 80 years old man survived from stomach cancer?

Mr. He is an 80 years old man, seeing his great grandson is one of his several wishes at his late age. But the recurrence and metastasis of the stomach cancer make this wish seem so far away.

In May 2007, Mr. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer, but it was fortunate that it did not metastasize, surgery would be the first treatment option. Although at the age of 75, Mr. He’s overall health condition was well except having stomach cancer, he chose to receive surgery followed with four rounds of chemotherapy.

The tumor was removed in surgery, but it was unfortunate that the cancer was back and multi-metastasis was found in liver, lung and rectum. No way to receive another surgery, and chemotherapy was the only treatment option because of the complication.

At the age of 75, how long can Mr. He deal with the torture from cancer? Mr. He’s health went down rapidly during the second round of chemotherapy, symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, fever and short of breath often happened to him, and he was not able to continue the treatment. Mr. He’s family was told by doctor that he had only three months left.

Mr. He wanted so much to see his unborn great grandson, he tried radiotherapy, but the result was not optimized, he stopped it in the middle of the treatment course.

Mr. He’s health condition got weakened everyday, his family searched everywhere for a better treatment option, and they learned about a kind of treatment that they never heard of in the past, it is called DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy.

After the renal function test, blood routine test and few more tests approved Mr. He’s condition was good enough for blood collection, he was taken to the blood center. After a three-hours’ process of blood collection and cells separation, Mr. He was companied by his families returned home to have rest, waiting for the cells to be prepared for the immunotherapy treatment.

The cells was cultured in the GMP lab for seven day before it is ready for treatment, and Mr. He received the cells by intravenous injection.

After the first treatment course, Mr. He told his doctor that he felt much better and wanted to continue with another course of DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy. And after the second course, he found himself was improving a little everyday, symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and fever were gone, appetite was improved, and he always felt comfortable. Mr. He felt so good and was very confident on himself that he would see the birth of his unborn great grandson.

Mr. He received another course of DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy in order to solid his health condition. His family was surprised and happy with the result of cancer immunotherapy on Mr. He. “I am very glad that my father received DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy, he was given a death penalty by doctor, but this treatment definitely saved him and prolonged his life. Our families are so happy about this, and my father will see his great grandson soon,” Mr. He’s youngest son said.

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