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Activated T cells increased after iAPA cancer immunotherapy

This comparison report shows that the activated T cells are significantly increased, and the Regulatory T cells significantly declined after the cancer treatment, which means this patient’s immune system can kill more cancer cells in the body. This is a study on a patient with colorectal cancer.

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Metastasis removed after DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy

Mr. Chu is a 58 years old Chinese male with diagnosis of colon cancer. In November 2007, at the outer line of sigmoid colon cancer resection, he was given after four cycles of Eloxatin and Xeloda chemotherapy. In February 2008, Mr. Chu prompted to relapse by colonoscopy, with second surgery

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Cancer immunotherapy declined Mr. Zhao’s PSA

Mr. Zhao, 51 years old male from China. Four years ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer with multi-metastasis to bone. His PSA value kept rising up to as high as 940.9. He never had an effective treatment until he received the DC-CTL cancer immunotherapy (dendritic cell and T cell based).

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Hope for a young man with lung cancer

Xiao Jian is a 25 years old young man from an ordinary family in Anhui province. In the summer of 2012, symptoms like coughing, fever, chest discomfort or breathing difficulties occasionally happened to him. Xiao Jiang thought they were caused by catching a cold until one day he was hard

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Why China being the prior destination for immunotherapy?

China has seen rapid growth in its biotech industry, particularly in the area of CAR T-cell therapy. Many Chinese biotech firms have developed their own CAR T-cell therapies and are actively seeking partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies. As the second-largest country in terms of the number of CAR T-cell therapy clinical trials, China’s research efforts reflect its commitment to advancing this innovative treatment approach.

Moreover, China has implemented various measures to make CAR T-cell therapy more accessible and affordable for patients. These patient-friendly pricing strategies have indeed contributed to making China an attractive destination for international patients for innovative therapies like CAR T-cell therapy. Comparatively, the cost of CAR T-cell therapy in China may be relatively more affordable than in other countries.

Effective and affordable immunotherapy and CAR T-cell Therapy?

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